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Project description

CHARM (ANR-21-CE94-0003, CCF-2122230) is a 3-year ANR-NSF project that started in October 2021, on cryptographically relevant hard problems for module lattices. This is a joint project between teams located at four sites, headed by:

Activities   (Wed 9-11am US east, 3-5pm FR)

Upcoming talks – TO BE ANNOUNCED

Past talks

Speaker Date Topic
Alexandre Wallet June 22nd New results and trade-offs for lattice-based hash-and-sign signatures
Wessel van der Woerden May 18th On the lattice isomorphism problem, quadratic forms, remarkable lattices, and cryptography
Aurel Page Mar 2nd Galois extensions (2)
Benjamin Wesolowski Mar 9th Average-case ideals
Alice Pellet–Mary Mar 16th Module-LLL
Shi Bai Mar 23rd Overstretch NTRU
Aurel Page Feb 9th Galois extensions (1)
Noah Stephens-Davidowitz Feb 2nd Worst-case to average-case reductions for Ring-LWE
Aurel Page Jan 26th Algebraic number theory in Pari GP
Bill Allombert Jan 19th Introduction to Pari GP
Alice Pellet–Mary Jan 12th Algorithms for Ideal-SVP
Damien Stehlé Dec 15th Cryptography from algebraic lattices
Guillaume Hanrot Dec 8th Elementary algebraic number theory
Shi Bai Dec 1st Introduction to fplll
Damien Stehlé Nov 24th Intractability assumptions on module lattices
Noah Stephens-Davidowitz Nov 17th Lattice algorithms review